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Welcome to the my Life Lab Series

Your Life Lab, rather.

My entire approach to helping clients grow and change is built on experimentation. A mindset of experimentation, that is. Asking questions, gathering data, getting curious, and testing ideas to create valid, reliable tools for self-learning & mastery.

I see life growth and change as one big experiment. One that takes place in a laboratory. A life lab.

That’s why I created the Life Lab method as your one-stop-shop to design the life you’re meant to live and start living it. Based on decades of my diverse professional and personal experience, it brings elements and methods from psychology, coaching, neuroscience, body-mindfulness, and relationship intelligence into an engaging, effective, insight and action-oriented learning experience that’s all about you.

I’ll say that again…All. About. YOU.

Does hearing that make feel kinda nervous? Squirming a bit in your chair? Maybe you’re saying “but I have kids and a business and what about my honey, and I have to take care of my folks. I don’t have time to focus on me!” Or maybe you’re in the “All about me?? That sounds selfish and privileged!” camp. Or you’re the “I don’t like any attention on me” type.

I get it. Well, I don’t get having kids but I get the rest. It’s all legit.

Focusing on yourself isn’t easy. Finding the time, the energy, the money…it’s work. And then you have to get past the conditioning and programming that says focusing on yourself is self-centered, and that’s work. And then you have to actually focus on yourself. More work!

So just getting yourself to the starting line of intentional self work takes, well, self work! Oy.

What’s the alternative, though? What’s the risk of not turning your attention inward and toward you? Comfort zone? Snooze . Not rocking the boat? Boring. Status quo? Never.

I’ll put another way. You spent years in school learning everything under the sun, you’ve worked for decades learning the ins and outs of your industry, and you’ve for sure studied every detail of every other person in your life.

Isn’t it time for some you time? And not the bubble bath, Calgon-take-me-away kind. I’m talking about deep diving, soul experimenting, life saving you time. Whole life or soul death you time.

So, yes. Yes! YES, it’s your turn to learn about, work on and study you. It’s your turn to get to know you better. Understand you better. To know what makes you tick and what ticks you off.

It’s your turn to focus on you. And the Life Lab gives you the tools, framework and support from me to do that.

At this point, you might be thinking “okay, I get it Buck. What the hell is it then??”

Great question! Was just getting to that.

The Life Lab is my life coaching and life skills training method. From a la carte sessions to a full pathway for self and life expansion, it’s built on a foundation of core skills practices focused on Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit designed to make you a master of whole self wellness. Then, it’s all about expansion into the three levels of…

  • Becoming your true self.

  • Expressing your whole self.

  • Relating as your loving self.

The Life Lab makes you a scientist of your own life. Here’s a sampling of the discoveries you could make...

  • Show yourself compassion & get motivated through acceptance and gentleness

  • Release limiting and self-defeating stories that keep you stuck

  • Uncover hidden, unconscious commitments you’ve made that limit you

  • Accept and make use of all your emotions so they give you wisdom and guidance

  • Train your mind & nervous system to take in more of the present moment & more good

  • Feel calmer and more energized by tuning into your body through mindful breathing

  • Design your compelling life vision and learn to make it your reality

  • Show up fully in relationships so you can give and receive more love

  • Cultivate your tribe of supporters and feel a deep sense of belonging, safety, & respect

  • Express your true self through creativity, using your life as art

  • Identify, own and express your superpowers and life purpose

How you feeling now? I hear you saying “hell, yes, I want my own life lab! Enough with focusing on everything and everyone else. Sign me up and here’s my credit card!” Great – call me!

Okay, okay I also hear you saying “sounds great, but I still don’t know. I need some more information.” Great – call me! Oh, wait, you just said you need more info. Got it.

Whether you’re ready to get started today with Life Lab coaching and training or you need more info, my new Life Lab Series in the Journal is for you. Each month, I’ll feature a core element of the method, fun size it and give you a take-away to try out on your own.

If you’re already working with me, it’ll be a quickie resource you can add to your experimenting practice. And if you’re not yet working with me directly, it’ll be a great tool for self-led experimenting in your Life Lab.

So keep following the Journal for bite-size Life Lab tips to support whole self wellness and big life experiment. Now let’s get in the lab and design the life you’re here to live.

Down to experiment,



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