Buck Dodson

Hi, I’m

(yes, it’s my real name),

Buck Dodson

and I’m all in on helping you live a full life deeply committed to your wellbeing with loving relationships, engaging work, a sense of purpose, and all the joy you deserve.

“But hold up!” you say. “I struggle with self-care,

love sucks, my job is lame, and joy – what’s that?”

I get it and I can relate. I used to believe a joyful, healthy life surrounded by people I love, doing satisfying work that pays me what I’m worth was for other people. They had the secret playbook. They’d cracked the code. They had what I didn’t. 

But I don’t see it that way anymore, and you don’t have to either. I want to share what I’ve learned with you.


Are you ready to:

  • Come alive in your mind, body, heart, and spirit

  • Live your truth

  • Express your unique gifts and talents

  • Connect deeply with others

Yes!! Because your friends, family, coworkers, and community need everything you are and can be — your truth, your gifts, your vitality, and definitely your love.


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  • Board Certified Coach (BCC)

  • International Coach Federation Certified 

Coach training:

  • Presence-Based Coaching®

  • Institute for Life Coach Training

Specialized training and experience in:

  • Body Mind Coaching

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness 

  • Communication Skills

  • Design Thinking and Visioneering

  • Team & Group Facilitation 

  • LGBTQ Life

  • Nonprofit & Social Good Leaders

University of Southern California, Master of Social Work

University of Houston, BA in Psychology


The son of a rancher and Texas high school cheerleader, I was named to be a rodeo star. Since I’ve only donned a cowboy hat and boots during Madonna’s “Music” phase circa 2000, I’d say the whole rodeo thing didn’t take. But the name did, and here I am, a 40-something guy living the dream in Austin. 

By ‘the dream,’ I mean living fully and imperfectly as myself, creating my life’s work and learning to love & be loved - body, mind and spirit – one day a time.


Personally, I do this as a friend, partner, lover, and community member. And professionally as a life and business coach as well as a counselor, having spent close to twenty years as a personal and organizational growth guide. 

Highly sensitive, spiritual and a “feeler” by nature, I’m also a Gemini and Human Design Manifestor who thrives on deep curiosity, communication and connection. I love a big idea, I believe relationships hold the keys to life success and I’m passionate about guiding clients to create lives and businesses that speak their truth.


Learn more about my coaching services >  

Buck has an innate ability to uncover the better part of oneself. Buck has helped me immeasurably and with each session I come away with tools for further inner growth and a feeling of accomplishment. I truly cannot say enough good about the self journey I continue to embark upon through Buck’s understanding, depth of wisdom and professional yet compassionate way of guiding me to be my best self!

Stephanie B