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Buck Dodson

Hi, I’m

(yes, it’s my real name),

Buck Dodson

and I’m all in on helping you live a full life deeply committed to your wellbeing with loving relationships, engaging work, a sense of purpose, and all the joy you deserve.

“But hold up!” you say. “I struggle with self-care,

love sucks, my job is lame, and joy – what’s that?”

I get it and I can relate. I used to believe a joyful, healthy life surrounded by people I love, doing satisfying work that pays me what I’m worth was for other people. They had the secret playbook. They’d cracked the code. They had what I didn’t. 

But I don’t see it that way anymore, and you don’t have to either. I want to share what I’ve learned with you.


Are you ready to:

  • Be free to say how you feel and what you want

  • Spend your time connecting not perfecting

  • Receive as much as you give

  • Step into your superpower as a leader and a lover

  • Give yourself permission to be yourself

  • Succeed on your own terms

I hope your answer is “Yes!!” Your friends, family, coworkers, and community need all of who you are and can be — your truth, authenticity, confidence, and definitely your love.


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  • Board Certified Coach (BCC)

  • International Coach Federation Certified 

Coach training:

  • Presence-Based Coaching®

  • Institute for Life Coach Training

Specialized training and experience in:

  • Releasing the Past

  • Body Mind Coaching

  • Relationships & Intimacy 

  • Design Thinking & Visioneering

  • Team & Group Facilitation 

  • LGBTQ Life

  • Nonprofit & Social Good Leaders

  • Creative Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

University of Southern California, Master of Social Work

University of Houston, BA in Psychology


The son of a rancher and Texas high school cheerleader, I was named to be a rodeo star. Since I’ve only donned a cowboy hat and boots during Madonna’s “Music” phase circa 2000, I’d say the whole rodeo thing didn’t take. But the name did, and here I am, a 40-something guy living the dream. 

By “the dream,” I mean living fully and imperfectly as myself, creating my life’s work and learning to love & be loved - body, mind and spirit – one day a time.


Personally, I do this as a friend, lover, brother, and community member. And professionally as a life and business coach, podcast host and counselor, having spent close to twenty years as a personal and organizational growth guide. 

Highly sensitive, spiritual and a “feeler” by nature, I’m also a Gemini and Human Design Manifestor who thrives on deep curiosity, communication and connection. I love a big idea, I believe relationships hold the keys to life success and I’m passionate about guiding clients to create lives and businesses that speak their truth.


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You don’t have to be a gay male in a midlife crisis for Buck to shine. Buck’s kind and gentle spirit coupled with his formal education and personal experience make his wisdom and insight beyond his years. Be prepared to look under every rock and be willing to embrace the freedom that comes along with his coaching journey.

John C


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