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Life Coaching

What is life coaching anyway?

I can confidently say it’s like nothing you’ve experienced before. When’s the last time you had a dedicated guide by your side as you set out to launch your dream business, write the book you have inside you, get that promotion, or find and keep the love of your life?

Not recently, I'm guessing. 

That all changes now. As your coach, I'm here to walk (or run? skip??) with you on a thoughtful, energizing, and creative journey to discover who you are, claim what you want and get after creating it. I’ll help you ask different questions, get new information, consider fresh ideas, and take consistent actions. And then, just watch what happens.

Alright, so how does it work?  

With a deep dive into all things YOU, that’s how! We’ll explore what really brings you alive, what definitely doesn't and what you want to make happen.  Then, we’ll get to work using an effective process I've discovered after years of helping clients (and myself). We'll tailor it to you, of course, but here are the basics...

1. WHOLE SELF - Body, mind, heart, and spirit. Each part has something important to tell you. Bring them all along for this ride.  

2. NEW BELIEFS -  Stories, background scripts, inner dialogues...all the same thing. Identify & reprogram the core limiting beliefs that hold you back so you can start claiming what you deserve. p.s. contrary to what those stories say, you ARE worth it and you CAN have it. 

3. ACTION – Visions without consistent action fall flat. Learn to take the right actions for you and develop momentum-building habits, the building blocks of creativity and mastery. 

4. CONNECTION – We’re not in this game alone. Build your team of collaborators, supporters and fans to help you along the way.


This calling your name yet? Still unsure? Great either way! You’ve started the process & that’s what matters so LET'S TALK