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Weekly Journal prompts: Step into your full power

Photo credit: Priscilla Du Preez

How did last go for you? What did you learn about where and how and why you may be giving your power away?

Last week's prompts were about awareness. Greater self awareness about your feelings, beliefs and habitual choices that disempower you.

You took an action - Awareness Action. You looked inside, observed yourself in a non-judgmental way. You got fresh data and you learned some stuff.

This week, you'll explore your power with a different type of Action - Somatic Action.

You might have heard about "body-mind" or "embodied" actions and practices. Perhaps you've been told to "get into your body" or asked "what are you feeling in your body?"

"Somatic" is really just about your body. Your physical body. Yeah, that thing you forget about except when you're complaining that it's dragging, aching, hungry, or graying. All of the above? Guilty.

The research on how we learn and grow shows that engaging our physical body - along with our mind (thoughts), heart (feelings) and spirit (sense of higher purpose) - is the key to unlocking our personal power and realizing our full potential.

Your power right now might be coming out so you can feel more self-worth, releasing perfectionism to finish your novel, setting boundaries so your relationships are healthy and supportive, or being of service in a way that calls to your soul.

On the surface, you may not think that 'working with my body' will help you with self work, relationships or creative success but we're not about surface here!

This week’s prompts are about helping you go below the surface to notice what power feels like in your body. You'll shift from thinking about being powerful (important and helpful) to experiencing your body as a source of power (potentially game changing).

By practicing with your breath, body-based questions, a little movement and some literally stepping, you'll get another layer of valuable data.

Before you get started, here what’s you’ll need…

- A quiet, private space free of distraction

- A journal and a pen for writing your responses and reflections

- 30-60 minutes of uninterrupted time

Helpful tips as you work with these…

- Practice curiosity, compassion and kindness with yourself. There’s no right way to do it.

- Ask for support by calling a safe friend or family member, coach, therapist, or sponsor.

Journal prompts:

1. Breath practice - Center yourself daily with two minutes of mindful breathing. Try 4-7-8 Breathing…

o Inhale through your nose for a count of 4

o Hold for a count of 7

o Exhale through your mouth for a count of 8

o Pause at the bottom of the exhalation

o Repeat 4 times

2. Inhabit a sense of your Dignity & self worth - Stand up or if seated, sit more upright. Find your feet flat on the floor, allow yourself to feel the support of the ground beneath you and then feel the support of your chair and how its helping you sit upright.

Notice the length of your body. How long you are from the top of your head to your feet. This is you embodying your physical Dignity. It's how your body experiences your sense of worth and power.

Take a moment to be with your physical self in this way.

3. What is it like to experience your dignity and worthiness through your body? Was that challenging? Easy? Medium? Write down whatever comes to mind.

4. Energize your body - this week, choose 1 movement practice. It could be stretching, dancing in your living room, some yoga poses, or even standing in front of your desk and shaking.

The intention here is get your body's energy flowing through movement. You probably often feel stuck in your head, you're over-thinking and looping on some limiting stories. Those are power blocks.

Moving our bodies is a highly effective, readily available and quick way to get unstuck. You're literally getting out of inertia by moving!

5. Walk in nature - Get to stepping. Not running. Don't power walk. This isn't about getting in your steps. This is about conscious connection with your body in its natural habitat.

Nature doesn't have to mean the woods. It could be a city block. The focus is on your full attention to the experience of mindful walking. Notice the sound and feel of your feet as they touch the ground, the sensation of the ground beneath you, the smells, sights and sounds all around you.

Let yourself be fully present to the walking experience.

6. What have you learned about your relationship to your body this week?

7. How can you integrate these somatic practices to more fully support you in stepping into your power?

Beautiful work. You've now practiced 'being in your body' and 'embodying your power.' Now allow your body to do its amazing thing and anchor in the fresh energy and data you've opened up.

See you back here next week.

Ahhhhh, Buck


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