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We need to talk.

First blog. Do I have to call this a blog? Sounds a lot like slog. Are blogs even a thing anymore?

I prefer to think of this as a journal. Or a “share” as we say In 12-step. Maybe more of a Real Housewives of NYC confessional.

Whatever it’s called, it’s the start of a conversation I’d like to have. With you. About you. About us. About life, love, work, the easy, the hard, the “meh.” All of it.

We need more real and honest talks. Talks that make us feel good, inspire us, help us when we’re overwhelmed, and remind us we’re not alone.

So…want to talk? Need to talk? Let’s talk!

Each week (more or less), we’ll talk about what’s important to you. If you’re like clients I’ve worked with as a coach and counselor for over 15 years, you might want to talk about taking better care of yourself, getting clear on your purpose, feeling more love in your life, working less and earning more, and doing more of what you like and less of what you don’t.

I’m right there with you. We’ll talk about it all. And it’ll help. When we talk, we learn stuff. We feel stuff. We learn to feel stuff. And we get new insights, dot-connect and get clear on how to move forward. And also hang out happily where we are.

So what’s on your mind these days? What do you need to say, hear, read, or write to feel better? What do you NOT want to talk about? Hint: that’s the stuff you need to say. Pause for just a moment and reflect on that.

I’m excited to hear what’s on your mind and heart.

Good talk,



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