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Relationship Replay - Rupture and Repair: How to Handle Conflict in Your Relationships

Gay Men's Life Lab is all about trying things out, and since we have a lot of new listeners in the last year, we’re experimenting with a new Relationship Replay Series which features some of our earliest episodes on all things relationships such as…

  • How to handle conflict

  • Communicating your feelings

  • Navigating relationship dynamics

  • How to identify your needs and get them met

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my own relationship journey and in those of my clients, it’s that we’re always learning and we can all use a refresher now and then. So even if you’ve already heard these episodes, you might discover something new if you take another listen. We'll feature Relationship Replay episodes from time to time, but we'll also continue to have fresh content and new episodes for you every two weeks, so if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe. Now, let’s go to Relationship School.


Episode 1 Replay Rupture and Repair: How to Handle Conflict in Your Relationships Stop avoiding conflict and repair your relationship wounds.

Conflict sucks. Nobody likes it, and we’d all avoid it if we could. But when we face it head on, conflict is healthy and helps us build trust. Since most of us were never taught how to handle conflict, this episode I'm talking about what to do if you keep arguing about the same issues in your relationships. I’m chatting about some of the skills you need to resolve conflicts:

  • stop playing the blame game;

  • take responsibility for your part;

  • own your feelings; and

  • get curious about what the other person feels.

Check out this episode for practical ideas to move you guys out of rupture and into repair.


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