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Queer ADHD with Sarah Dopp

This week, I dive into a misunderstood topic that we don’t talk about enough – Adult ADHD. Tune in as I talk with ADHD Coach and Founder of Queer ADHD, Sarah Dopp, about what it does and does not mean to live with ADHD. Even if you don’t have ADHD, I encourage you to check out this episode because someone in your life does and may be struggling alone. Sarah and I talk about:

  • Misconceptions about Adult ADHD

  • How coming out with ADHD mirrors coming out as LGBTQ

  • The connection between fear of rejection, perfectionism and ADHD

  • Why people with ADHD need to play BEFORE work not after

  • How ‘body doubling’ and community increase productivity

Learn all about Queer ADHD and follow them at:

Links discussed in the episode:


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