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Prioritize your Health with Nutrition Coach Paul Bailey

In this episode, I’m talking with Paul Bailey, a nutrition coach with over 15 years experience helping gay men transform their health, body and self confidence. Join me as I talk with Paul about how focusing on our mindset, relationship with food and ourselves is the key to a balanced, healthy lifestyle that’s right for us.

Join us for a fun and informative conversation that covers topics including:

  1. Measuring success without focusing on weight

  2. The key to staying motivated that Paul helps client discover

  3. Paul’s tips for prioritizing health when you’re busy

  4. Transforming your relationship to your body and health through community

You can find Paul Bailey at where you’ll get access to all his nutrition and health coaching resources.

If you’re a gay man over 40 looking to improve your health, considering joining his free Facebook Group.


Learn more about me and how I help gay men like you live and love well by checking out the rest of my site and following me on Instagram and Facebook.

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