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Owning Our Anger to Level Up as Gay Men

You knew it was coming, guys. Y’all knew I’d talk about anger at some point. To live fully as a powerful, loving and impact-making gay man, you must identify, express and transform your anger. Gay shame often gets the attention but gay anger needs love too. Literally.

Check out this episode to learn…

  1. That anger is healthy, natural and deserves your attention

  2. Why gay men need to own our anger to level up individually and culturally

  3. How unaddressed anger fuels shaming and judging other gay men as well as ourselves

  4. Why anger work for gay men is essential to trauma healing, mental health recovery, releasing perfectionism, and addressing high rates of problems with substances, sex, food, and body hate.

  5. How healthy anger is the key to unlock intimate, loving relationships and start building trust

  6. Tools to help you begin identifying, expressing and channeling your anger to grow

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