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Weekly journal prompts: Own your full power

Whether you’re working on self-love and acceptance, finding your purpose, building a dream business, or co-creating healthy relationships, you’re learning to step fully into your power.

You may be discovering your power as a gay man or as a first-time entrepreneur. You might be tapping into your power as a loving and present partner or parent. You could also be discovering power as you confront yourself in radical new ways at midlife.

It’s all about finally, once and for all, coming into your own.

It's about owning your personal power.

A big part of that is learning to no longer hold back or give away your power out of fear, shame or the belief that doing so will keep you safe or get you love.

That’s what this week’s journal prompts are all about – Looking at how you've given or you're giving your power away.

Before you get started, here what’s you’ll need…

- A quiet, private space free of distraction

- A journal and a pen for writing your responses and reflections

- 30-60 minutes of uninterrupted time

Helpful tips as you work with these…

- Start by center yourself with two minutes of mindful breathing.

- Practice curiosity, compassion and kindness with yourself. There’s no right way to do it.

- Ask for support by calling a safe friend or family member, coach, therapist, or sponsor.

Journal prompts:

1. Where in your life are you feeling or have you felt mistreated, taken advantage, under-valued, or dismissed?

2. What are you feeling about this? Journal about everything you’re feeling and don’t hold back. Say everything that comes to your mind. This is one way you'll free yourself from these intense feelings.

3. How did you turn away from yourself and give your power away in that experience? What disempowered choices did you make in that situation?

4. What amends do you need to make to yourself for those choices?

5. How does it to feel to acknowledge your own part, choices and contributions? Hint: this challenges the wounded victim narrative.

6. What have you learned about yourself and your power through this process?

7. How will you own your power differently moving forward?

Good work. These are tough questions to ask yourself. Remember that owning your part is owning your power. It does not mean you are excusing how you were treated. It is taking hold of your healing so you can move toward who you are, what you want and the love you deserve.

See you back here next week.

Hugs, Buck


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