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May I heal

A heart-opening practice for when its time let go of pain.

Photo Credit: Kim Mahair

I’m not sure how you’ll receive this week’s message. As I continue the journey of these conversations with you, I feel compelled to peel back more layers and share more sides of myself. This week, I’m embracing my woo.

And by woo I mean full heart center, love forward, cosmic energy living. I’m talking light-chasing and soul-baring with loving, supportive presence complete with insanely expensive Rose Oil on my crown and heart chakras.

As I evolve into this expanded version of myself and become the me of my new chapter and next level, this is the energy, intention and space I’m offering in my work, to my clients, with my tribe, and in all my relationships.

It feels right, good, free, and while not easy, flows with ease. It feels like love. It is love.

But my clients, you and I know that living with open hearts isn’t for the faint of heart. Living “love forward” calls deep on our strength, bravery, humility, willingness to endure periods of deep grief, and fierce trust. And it calls on these qualities before we even know we have them.

It requires leaning in when things get tough and heeding the call to embrace the suck.

But that’s only one aspect of growth. True transformation comes by way of healing. And healing is a heart process that comes at the end when we’re called to let go. After we’ve leaned in and embraced, we’re called to release the pain. We’re called to move forward. Our hearts will make the call.

We’ll get the call but letting go is our choice. Fully releasing the pain is up to us. And it’s not the same as surrender. Surrender works when we’re in a place of not knowing and when we’re out of answers. It’s certainly healing but not necessarily the deepest kind.

Deep healing – the request for it and the declaration of it – comes from a knowing place. It comes from a place of quiet, confident and grounded resolve that says “I know what I’m doing. I know where I am.”

Photo credit: Aarón Blanco Tejedor

A practice for letting go into deep healing

If you’ve been carrying the pain of grief, loss, a wounded or broken heart, or any kind of struggle and you’re ready to let go, then this practice is for you. Call it whatever you need to – a prayer, meditation, affirmation – whatever works for you.

It’s a process calling on your heart center and calling in a loving, supportive presence to help you heal, let go, move on, and create space for fresh, expansive love.

Start with a few centering breaths, place a hand over your heart center and bring into your mind whatever has been/is weighing heavily on your heart. Calling on a loving, supportive presence, read these words aloud and feel them as they come from your heart center. When you’re finished, take a few moments to let your request and your declaration be received. Then let it go with thanks and trust.

Dear loving presence…

I’m here to ask for healing

I’ve walked with this pain for long enough

I need to move on

I’m ready to let go

May I heal

I’ve carried this hurt as far as I can

I’ve befriended it and tended to it

I’ve done my work with it

May I heal

I’m laying down the torch of grief, loss and pain

I’m grateful it has shown me the way in the dark

I don’t want to carry it any further

I don’t need it anymore

May I heal

I’ve learned so much from this experience

I’ve grown through the hurt

I’ve given birth to a new me

I’m ready to share my new me with the world

May I heal

My heart is opening

It’s still sad and sometimes heavy

It still longs for and wishes

It’s still a little broken

And it’s ready to love again

May I heal

May I now be released from this energy

May I be free

May I know deep healing

May I heal

I honor the beauty of this ending

I accept this journey as complete

I say goodbye with grace

I move forward with love in my heart

May I heal

May my heart feel safe to open softly

May vulnerability guide my way

May I trust in love

May I love again

May I heal

I trust in new beginnings

I know more is on its way

I feel excited about what’s coming

May I heal

I love all of myself

I feel worthy of my desires

I know I am loved May I heal

I love more deeply than ever

I give love freely and boldly

I receive love openly and gratefully

May I heal

Thank you. I love you. And so it is.




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