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Map Your Sensitivities to Live Your Purpose with Mike Iamele

Join me for a lively conversation with writer, purpose strategist and Sensitivity Mapper, Mike Iamele, as we talk about how his unique process for guiding gay, bi and queer man to live our purpose by embracing – rather than resisting – our greatest sensitivities. Mike and I dive into:

  1. His journey to falling in love with a man and coming out to 100K people overnight

  2. How knowing and mapping our sensitivities improves our lives, work and relationships

  3. Why sensitive mapping helps queer men release shame around sexuality and desires

  4. The key to living with purpose

About Mike Iamele

You can find Mike on Instagram and at where you’ll get access to his Free Training and Worksheet as well as courses in Sacred Branding©.


Learn more about me and how I help gay men like you live and love well by checking out the rest of my site and following me on Instagram and Facebook.

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