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Looking Back and Moving Forward

Happy new year, everyone! What were the personal growth and gay takeaways from 2021? What did you learn and how are you going to apply that in 2022? In today’s episode, I’m pulling back the curtain to share some of my own growth journey this last year and what I’m committing to next year. I’m guessing many of you might relate. Tune as I talk about…

  1. Why 2021 was my yearlong “choppy growth phase”

  2. Grieving the loss of my False Self & ego persona

  3. Making your big, bold commitment for next year

  4. Choosing 1-2 of your Core Life Dimensions to focus on 2022

  5. What from your past will you complete and release next year?

Start planning your 2022 commitments and goals by downloading a free Core Life Dimensions Guide.


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Thanks! Buck


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