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Having the Sex Gay Men Deserve With Dr. Israel Martinez

Let’s talk about sex. Healthy, pleasurable and healing sex that is. In this episode, I talk with Certified Sex Therapist, coach and clinical social worker, Dr. Israel Martinez, about helping gay bring sex into the light in order to have more enjoyable, enthusiastic and shame-free sex.

Join me as I talk with Dr. Martinez about:

  • The distinct challenges gay, bi and queer men face in having healthy sex

  • What the 5 senses have to be with having pleasurable sex

  • The difference between ‘spontaneous arousal’ and ‘responsive arousal’

  • Expanding the definition of what sex actually is to you and your partner(s)

  • Exploring more of your body during masturbation and self-pleasure

  • Tips on using sex apps to find partners for the good sex you deserve

  • Using and other sex-positive communities to find partners

Learn more about Dr. Israel Martinez at and get notified of the release of his forthcoming book on gay men’s sex and pleasure. In the meantime, you can purchase his first book Helping Gay Men Find Love.

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