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Grace, God and Gays with Tony Scott

In this episode, I have a lively conversation with ®EMMY Award-winning entrepreneur, faith-based communications expert and ordained minister, Tony Scott. Tony aka “The Apostle of Joy” and I talk about his new project, Grace for Gays, which is forging a new path ahead for those in our community who identify as gay, bi or queer as well as Christian.

Tony’s story is about embracing his individuality and finding grace as a black, gay and Christian man. Regardless of your religious or spiritual orientation, you’ll be inspired.

Tune in to hear Tony and I talk:

  1. The 5 times he came out

  2. Shifting from driving other people’s mission to driving his own

  3. Embracing individuality as his superpower

  4. Why he chose to go back in the closet on a quest for personal and spiritual growth

  5. His vision for a new path forward to support LGBTQ Christians searching for grace and a loving connection with God

Follow Tony on Twitter and Instagram. To learn more about Grace for Gays, visit them online or follow Grace for Gays on Instagram.


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