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Get in the game

Getting out there is hard, I know. I’m a world class fence sitter and staller. Need legit-sounding reasons to not get in the game? Call me.

They sound like…

People might not like it.

They’ll judge me.

I won’t know what I’m doing.

I’ll look like an asshole.

I’ll fail.

It’ll flop.

Bad news - that’s all true. Sucks, I know. There’s a lot at stake and a lot to lose. I’m still looking for a workaround and will keep you posted. Good news – none of it matters. Yes, it’s hard but who said life was easy?

You can never win or lose if you don't win the race.
- The Psychedelic Furs

There’s so much to gain. So much good could come. Have you considered it might work out? The guy, the business, the cash, the healthy kids, the unshakeable self-love?

It’s so cliché and basic AF to say but fuck it, it’s true. I remind myself daily to trust that it might just work out and that it IS working out. I’ll love my life again post-divorce, I’ll figure how to do all I want in my business so it touches more people, and I’ll find another lovely man.

Get out there today. Step on the field at least. Take one risk, dial up the heat, squirm a bit. Who cares what happens after that?

Making a first move is what matters. Now make another one. And keep at it. Take naps, moan and groan like I do and fence-sit as needed.


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