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Gays and Gals Happy Hour

It’s our first Happy Hour episode! And it’s all about gay men and the women we love. Tune as I have mock and cocktails with my crew of ladies and one of my best gays as we discuss what makes our relationships so special.

We chat about:

  1. Women and gay men being “co-revolutionaries”

  2. The unique dynamic that happens when sex is removed

  3. The experience of safety, acceptance and lack of competition we feel

  4. What we teach women and they teach us about emotions and intimacy

  5. How we can apply the love from our unique connections we have to all our relationship

As always, you can learn more about me and how I help gay men like you learn to live and love well by checking out the rest of my site and following me on Instagram at

And a quick favor – if you found this episode helpful in some way or you’d like to hear more or less of something, please leave a review and a rating. This helps me know what works for you and also helps get Gay Men’s Life Lab in front of more guys!



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