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Gay Men Choosing Connection Over Perfection

Perfectionism runs rampant in the gay, bi and queer male communities. Striving to the “best little boy in the world” is a strategy many of us use to cope with the shame, invalidation and rejection from growing up gay. It’s time to set ourselves free so let’s start by addressing the root cause – our need for connection.

Check out this episode to learn…

  1. Signs of perfectionism as well as over-achieving, over-functioning and people-pleasing

  2. How our unmet needs for connection drive perfectionism and over-functioning

  3. Why these strategies were “helpful” to us as gay boys

  4. The role of ‘doing mode’ vs ‘being mode’

  5. Why choosing connection is the antidote to perfection

  6. How we use perfectionism to cope with the uncertainty of the human experience


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