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Finding and Keeping Love with Dr. Joe Kort

Hey guys! On this episode, I talk finding real love with relationship, sex and LGBTQ expert, Dr. Joe Kort. Author of "10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do to Find Real Love," Dr. Kort and I dive deep into how to get better at finding and keeping relationships...a hot topic!

Tune into to learn...

  • Why waiting until you're ready to be in a relationship doesn't work

  • What it means to come into your own gay masculinity & why it matters in love

  • How gay male competition and “competency wounds” block intimacy

  • How to navigate the three phases of love: Call of the Wild, Call of the Child, Call of Mild

Learn all about Dr. Joe Kort at and follow him at:

Check out Dr. Kort’s Smart Sex, Smart Love podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Find copies (out of print but available used) of "10 Smart Things Gay Men Can do to Find Real Love at Amazon."

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