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Finding and Keeping Love with Dr. Joe Kort

Hey guys! On this episode, I talk finding real love with relationship, sex and LGBTQ expert, Dr. Joe Kort. Author of "10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do to Find Real Love," Dr. Kort and I dive deep into how to get better at finding and keeping relationships...a hot topic!

Tune into to learn...

  • Why waiting until you're ready to be in a relationship doesn't work

  • What it means to come into your own gay masculinity & why it matters in love

  • How gay male competition and “competency wounds” block intimacy

  • How to navigate the three phases of love: Call of the Wild, Call of the Child, Call of Mild

Learn all about Dr. Joe Kort at and follow him at:

Find copies (out of print but available used) of "10 Smart Things Gay Men Can do to Find Real Love at Amazon."


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