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Fatherhood, Religious Trauma, and Ending a Marriage in the Closet

Gregory Elsasser-Chavez on the high costs & high rewards of coming out Part of the ‘Gays On’ Series featuring the voices and stories of gay, bi and queer men.

Welcome to a new season of Gay Men’s Life! In this episode, I talk with Gregory Elsasser-Chavez about his remarkable path to freedom as a gay man which he chronicles in his upcoming book, Terms of Estrangement.

Join me as I talk with Gregory about:

  • The impact of realizing he could be a gay dad or a dead dad

  • Finding the will to leave the Evangelical Christian church

  • The torment of “ex-gay” reparative and aversion therapies

  • Coming out and ending a marriage to his wife

  • His steadfast commitment to parenting his sons through painful resistance

You can follow Gregory on Twitter at GregoryElsasser and find his soon-to-published memoir, Terms of Estrangement on Kindle.

The “Gays On’ Series presents the voices of men who are on their journey of living openly and authentically. Not necessarily the perspective of therapists or coaches, these are the lived experiences and wisdom of gay, bi and queer man on their path to self love.

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