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Episode 9 - Ignite Your Vitality Using Human Design with Coach Linda Landon

Did you come here after listening to the podcast elsewhere? Scroll down for video clips of my Human Design chart and Kamala Harris' Human Design chart!

Hey boys and girls! This episode is a deep dive into a game-changing personal and professional growth tool you’ve probably never heard about called Human Design. I talk with Business and Recovery Coach, Linda Landon, about how this personality assessment tool can help us move through our lives with more energy, flow, abundance, and healthier relationships.

Tune in to learn…

  • The 5 types of people according to Human Design and how you can find out your type

  • The Strategy for each type to succeed in work, love and life

  • How Human Design can transform the way you think about your career

  • Why this tool is especially helpful for gay men and all LGBTQIA folks

  • How you can use Human Design to communicate more effectively with loved ones and colleagues

Here's a quick look at what my Human Design chart looks like:

And just for fun, here's Kamala Harris' Human Design chart:

Get your free Human Design chart and Linda’s e-book, Ignite your Vitality using Human Design by going to

Learn more about how you can work with Linda at and follow her on social at:

  • Facebook:

  • Linked In:

  • Instagram:

Get in contact with her at: Phone: (310) 463-9389 Email:

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