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Episode 6 - Getting Messy and Being Real as Gay Men

Hey boys, this week, I’m bringing you some vulnerability realness – my version of it, anyway. Between Covid, Trump and our own personal growth journeys, life has been complicated, draining and messy AF lately. As hard as this is, though, it’s good because we’re learning to be messier, more honest and more real.  Doing the work to show up as your authentic self, to love yourself, warts and all, and to embrace vulnerability as a path to connection requires that you let yourself be seen for all of who we are. Tune into this episode to hear me chat about it…

  • Staying the course when the personal development stops being pretty and starts getting real

  • Being more open and honest about your vulnerabilities as a gay man

  • Embracing messiness as a sign you’re growing

  • Improving relationships by being more real and showing your humanity 


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