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Episode 3 - Love and Belonging Needs

Are your needs for love and belonging getting met?

In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, "love and belonging" comes right after physical and safety needs, and they are the building blocks of self-esteem and your ability to realize your full potential. In other words, if you're not getting your love and belonging or "heart" needs met, you'll struggle to build the life you truly deserve.

All too often, especially for gay kids, our heart needs in childhood get diminished, unrecognized, neglected, or outright rejected. And so we learned – as children do – to devalue, diminish, neglect, and reject our needs.

In this episode, I dive into this common experience and explore what gets in the way of getting our interpersonal needs met and how to feel more love, belonging and connection. Guys, this is a "must listen" if you're struggling to get your needs met in relationships, or if you're trying to build your best life but still feeling a hunger for more connection, love and intimacy.


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