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Episode 2 - Happy Inner Pride: Feel Prouder of Yourself as a Gay Man

Pride month may be over, but gay shame isn’t. As empowering as pride parades are, they’re not enough to transform the negative feelings many of us have about ourselves. No amount of body glitter or dancing topless on floats can fully rewire the “I’m not good enough” messages. That work is an inside job.  It’s the inner display of pride.  Today’s episode is all about cultivating inner pride and loving yourself. No parade required. I share shame busting ideas like… 

  1. Supporting yourself with self-talk 

  2. Getting into your body to “wire” in good feeling 

  3. Making contributions to feel valuable and valued 

  4. How to “make a connection not an impression”  

  5. Creating a Positive Core Belief Log to support self esteem 

  6. Practicing self-compassion 

  7. Finding ways to be loved 

Check out this episode for practical ways to get you feeling proud yourself.


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