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Making 2021 Your Year of Connection

Happy New Year, guys! Since self work + relationship work is where it's at in improving your life, I’m kicking off 2021 with an episode on Connection. Every gay, bi and queer man I know and who I've worked with over the last 15+ years wants better connections so tune in to hear four ways you can improve your relationships with everyone in your life and help yourself in the process. Learn how…

  1. Being honest, especially when it’s hard, is a generous act of love

  2. Asking for more help will get you closer to people

  3. Talking more about yourself will bring people closer to you

  4. Setting boundaries allows you to depend on others in a healthy ways

You can't fully realize self without solid connections with others, and you can't fully enjoy relationship (friends, spouses, coworkers) without a strong sense of self. You've got to work on both if you want to become your most authentic, liberated self. I know it's hard, but you're worth it! For us gay, bi and queer men, this is especially true because a) we're men so we're taught to turn away from relationship and b) most of us come to terms with our identity in isolation. We don’t get to be honest, ask for help or talk about our real feelings. We start out deprived of the vital nutrition that connection provides which means we grow up thirsty, hungry and looking for love…often in all the wrong places. That all changes now. Make 2021 the year of improving how you relate with others and deepening the connections in your life. I guarantee it will be a game changer and sky rocket your life, love and work. As always, you can learn more about me and how I help gay men like you learn to live and love well by following me on Instagram at @buckdodsoncoaching. And a quick favor – if you found this episode helpful in some way or you’d like to hear more or less of something, please leave a review and a rating on your favorite podcasting platform, or contact me directly. This helps me know what works for you and also helps get Gay Men’s Life Lab in front of more guys! Thanks and much love,



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