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Episode 10 - Financially Fabulous with the Debt Free Guys

Hey guys! I’m talking cash money in this episode with the Debt Free Guys and hosts of the Queer Money podcast, David Auten and John Schneider. A gay male couple who transformed their relationship to money and their lives, these boys are the real deal, and they’re on a mission to help LGBTQ folks like fabulously not fabulously broke! Check out this episode to hear…

  • David and John’s inspiring story to becoming debt free

  • The root cause issues that challenge gay, bi and queer men when it comes to money

  • Why doing our money work is key to personal growth

  • How you can get out of debt using their Debt Lasso Method

  • Why improve your personal finances is good for the entire LGBTQ community

  • How talking about money can improve your sex life with you partner!

Learn more about the Debt Free Guys at and check out the Queer Money podcast.

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