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Damn Shame with David Pevsner

You won’t want to miss my bold conversation with David Pevsner, author of Damn Shame: A Memoir of Desire, Defiance and Show Tunes. Join us to hear about David’s journey as a 62-year-old actor, erotic provocateur and anti-ageist, anti-body shaming, pro-sexuality advocate.

David and talk about:

  1. How becoming an escort changed his outlook on what he means to be a man

  2. The missed opportunity that helped him see the cost of being a ‘body nazi’

  3. His big “fuck you” to anti-gay religious fundamentalists

  4. Owning his age and power as a gay man in his 60s

  5. The key to exploring all his sexual fantasies through his blog and Only Fans

Get your copy of David’s book, Damn Shame and follow David Pevsner at:


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