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Bonus Episode! - Gay Men at Midlife

In this bonus episode, I geek out one of my favorite topics - how gay, bi and queer men over 40 are models for thriving at midlife. If you’re almost or over 40, tune in to hear how and why you’re in the most transformative phase of your life.

Our lives essentially start over twice - the first time is when we come out and the second is when we reach midlife. By coming out, we’ve already had to face ourselves in a profound way and find the courage to live our truth in the face of resistance, objection and flat out rejection.

At midlife, we’re called once again to courageously connect with our deepest selves by fully addressing our unfinished business and “gay ghosts” from the past so we can follow our soul’s wisdom and bravely share our unique gifts with the world.

As gay men, we’re well-suited to heed this call. We’re primed for the challenges and opportunities that our second half offers. But sadly, many of us don’t realize we’re so prepared for the midlife journey. Too often, we fall into confusion and crisis, giving in to outdated notions that gay life ends at 40 and that youth is king…and queen.

Fuck that – gay life after 40 is your time to shine, serve and lead as the modern man you are.

That’s why I created Act II, an inspiring and affirming weekend workshop to help you unlock your gay superpowers and live your best life after 40.

Learn more about the Act II workshop and register at


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