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Awaken Your Power with Christian de la Huerta

In this episode, I have a powerful conversation with sought-after spiritual teacher, personal transformation coach, gay male thought leader, and author Christian de la Huerta. We talk about his latest book, Awakening the Soul of Power, and the hero’s journey we all must go on to access our authentic personal power.

Tune in to hear Christian and I talk about:

  1. The theory in his first book, Coming Out Spiritually, that gay men have spiritual functions

  2. How his journey from Cuba to the US influenced his relationship to power

  3. Why the empowerment of women is key to ending homophobia

  4. Committing to the heroic journey of moving from Ego Power into Soul Power

  5. Identifying “Power Plays” like the Pseudo-Macho and the Denier that block authentic power

  6. The importance of Forgiveness as a pathway to true power for gay, bi and queer men

To find out more about Christian’s work and receive a free guided meditation, power practices and a chapter from the book, visit:

Join the Unleash Your Inner Hero FB Group and receive support from Christian on your personal development journey.

Purchase his book, Awakening the Soul of Power here.


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