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20 commitments for your journey

All paths to personal growth involve, at various points, a need to heal. Be it from the past, unresolved losses, social and familial conditioning, or low self worth, you’ll repair and heal to create space for the new and what you want.

As your guide, I make an offering as you heal and begin to know freedom, peace, vitality, and thriving - mind, body, heart, and spirit.

May you commit to…

1. Being here now

2. Open, free expression

3. Humor, levity and joy

4. Transcending the BS – ours and everyone else’s

5. Going our own way

6. Embracing light, dark and in-between

7. Valuing difference

8. Recognizing the familiar

9. Ritual, tradition and innovation

10. Being of service

11. Vulnerability as a pathway to connection

12. Willingness to be seen, heard, sometimes exposed, and to feel

13. Willingness to do the work, no matter what

14. Willingness to know we’re enough just as we are

15. Rejection of perfectionism & judgment (see above: transcending the BS)

16. Emotional honesty and wisdom

17. Permission to be who we are and want to be

18. Empathy, forgiveness & compassion

19. Honoring the sacred masculine and divine feminine

20. Game-changing, brilliant love


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