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Coming Out Through Radical Surrender to Come Into Authenticity

And we’re back! I’ve missed you all so I’m happy to bring this episode to close out 2022 and preview what’s to come when Season 3 launches next month. Clearly, I extended my “summer” sabbatical through Fall so I go into what I’ve been going through and how this impacted my return to the podcast. I invite you to tune in to hear some of my story and to reflect with me on what it’s like to come out as your most authentic self. Some of the topics I cover are:

  • Moving through seismic transformations that rock you at your core

  • Coming out as a metaphor for showing up as who we are today

  • The “necessary relinquishing” we must face to grow

  • What I’m learning through radical surrender with my body

I’m looking so forward to being back in this conversation with you all. Happy new year!


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Thanks! Buck


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