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Coaching for Creative Entrepreneurs & Social Good Leaders

Feeling like a mad-hatter in your new business? Recently promoted at a social good venture? Struggling to manage growth as an entrepreneur?


Congrats – you’re officially a leader!


And you’re overwhelmed, stressed, maybe feeling like an  impostor, and possibly questioning your “why." Woo-hoo!

Living the dream isn't easy but leadership coaching can help you:

- Develop leadership presence.

- Balance creative flow with structured focus.

- Lead your team to consistently drive results.

- Manage your energy as you to grow beyond a one-person shop.


Leverage your strengths, be curious about new ideas & fresh data, and clarify the right actions to get results you know you can achieve.

Ready to be the leader your company needs? Call me at 312.636.7008 or email me and LET'S TALK! 

I work with a diverse group and I encourage coaching requests from introverted leaders, “sensitive strivers” and small business owners/leaders in active recovery and/or who manage depression.


Team Dynamics Coaching

Frustrated with a colleague or team member? Avoiding phone calls & meetings? Cutting the tension in the conference room with a knife?


You’re not the only one. Let’s face it, one of the toughest aspects of leading a small business venture is fostering productive relationships among team members. 


Communication breakdowns, personality differences, and trust ruptures will sink your team (and your business!) fast. 

Get back on track with coaching. Our team dynamics approach combines team functioning, relationship coaching, and communication training into a practical, interactive and even fun program to get your team engaged and on the same page to achieve results. 

Teams want to succeed so be the leader who gives them the tools and see your people happier, more committed, more accountable and achieving better results. 

Whether you've tried everything else or your already-solid team needs to uplevel, let's talk! Contact me at 312.636.7008 or email me to get started.