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Gay Men's Life Lab

A Group Coaching Experience

Coming Fall 2019

Hi! Welcome to the “Gay Men’s Life Lab,a virtual experience where you'll co-create what you've been wanting for a long time alongside like-minded gay men. Taking place over three months and seven sessions, the Life Lab combines the approaches, methods and tools I’ve used guiding gay men as a counselor and coach since 2005. 

Learn to practice compassion with yourself, to move through your day mindfully, to feel better and think clearer, to relate more easily with other men, and to design the life you want to live through  clear vision, creative expression, imagination, and right action.  

Along the way, embrace yourself as a gay man in a new way. 

Intrigued? Curious? Got questions? Great! LET'S TALK!  


Registration the Fall 2019 session starts soon! 

Why a Gay Men's Life Lab?

I created the Lab to give you - a loving & powerful gay man - a new way to connect with other men...deeply, respectfully and without the pressure of a bar, the gym or an app. Historically, gay man's personal growth experiences have focused on psychotherapy, spirituality, and of course activism, and rightfully so. I wouldn't be the man I am without those experiences and I'm guessing you might feel the same. But we're more than clients and social change advocates; we have deep visions for ourselves - in work, love, creative pursuits, and self care - and those need our time and attention.  Now more than ever, the world needs you to step into your spotlight, to create what's yours and shine as the unique, modern man you are. 

Tune into your deepest soul vision, write a new story that expands you or achieve that goal you've been working toward for years. You're worth it, and by joining the Gay Men's Life Lab, you'll learn how to do it.  Take the first step to being more of who you are & bringing your gifts to the world by reaching out today

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