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Gay men are living in an unprecedented time in our history. As cultural notions of gayness evolve and acceptance of LGBTQ people increases in many parts of the world, gay men are living with greater freedom, ease and choice than ever before.


And yet, many gay men continue to live along the margins of society, still experiencing ourselves as the “other” even as we increasingly fit into mainstream culture.  While gay men have historically adopted dual identities to live in the world, our growth edge is now more complex as we expand who we are in order to live fully as both other and not other, alike and yet not, same and different.  Gay men have more choices today, and a powerful one is this possibility to fully embrace our differentness and unique qualities – our otherness – while living alongside and fully connected with our peers throughout society.


This is a core tenet of my life coaching with gay men.  I support my clients to be curious about their gay identity in new ways and to begin embodying gayness as a strength and a resource to bolster their growth and development.  Through identity-based coaching, my clients often access an untapped reservoir of actionable experience, knowledge and wisdom to create more satisfying & connected lives.  


Learn more about my life coaching here and give me a call at 312.636.7008 or email me to talk about how we can work together. I offer a free, no commitment phone consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

To learn more about working with a group of men, consider participating in the Gay Men’s Life Lab. Registration for the 2019 session starts soon

More about my work with gay men:

As a gay man, licensed counselor and coach, I’ve spent the last 25 years learning about gay identity through deep personal and professional experience. In my counseling practice, I’ve partnered with gay men to heal the unique wounds that come from growing up in a primarily hetero/straight world, and I’ve witnessed these special men become more loving toward themselves and others, living their lives with more ease, serenity, and joyful connection. In community and academic settings, I’ve mentored gay and bisexual students through the sensitive identity development phases, educated future social leaders about LGBTQ issues, raised money for homeless LGBTQ youth programs in Los Angeles, and co-launched Chicago’s Gay for Good chapter to foster intra-community relationships based on service and goodwill. Personally, I’ve been and continue to be guided in my own development through a long line of gay male teachers - therapists, coaches, clinical supervisors, healers, colleagues, and dear friends – who have all generously shared their time, attention, and wisdom with me. I’ve also participated in the leading edge social movements of Gay Men of Wisdom and Gay Men’s Medicine Circle. Working primarily as a coach, I now embody my passion for igniting gay men’s curiosity about their deepest wants and supporting them to embrace, express and live out their most compelling life visions!