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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a powerful tool for personal development to help you pay close attention to what is happening and what you are feeling so that learning, healing and growth can occur. Through working with me, you can expect to feel more loving and accepting toward yourself, improve your relationships & experience more freedom in your life.


My approach to working with you is quite simple - I'm here to help you. Grounded in a warm, caring and present relationship, I use mindfulness and self-compassion as a foundation to help reduce judgment and self-criticism so you can better understand yourself and what’s happening in your life. I integrate techniques that draw out the wisdom of your mind as well as your body and spirit to access all the knowledge you have inside of you, and I help you safely and bravely explore how your past relates to the present as you move forward in your life. 

Please contact me at 312.636.7008 or email me to get started. 

Relationship Counseling

Relationship counseling provides a safe, brave and dynamic space where you all can create a clear vision for your life together, strengthen emotional and physical bonds, unpack and resolve core challenges, enhance effective communication, restore and/or deepen sexual connection, and foster tenderness, affection and care for yourselves and each other.


My approach is emotion-focused, mindfulness-based and considers the developmental stages of relationships to understand your present needs and desires. I use experiential, here-and-now learning influenced by emotion-focused therapy, adult attachment theory, body mind techniques, and coaching to offer an integrative, personalized and practical plan to address your relationship's unique needs.

Please contact me at 312.636.7008 or email me to get started.